Shanon Slack gets ready for his duties as a coach on the upcoming TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) for team Cruz. He heads to REIGN TRAINING CENTER for some technical boxing with some of MMA’s best fighters. Then it’s on to IRON in Santa Monica for a grind with MMA Fighter/Trainer Dave Waters.


This is a compilation of projects not a reel. We think this gives a little better idea of the tone of individual projects as opposed to just a big collage. But yes a real reel is coming soon.

Mid Summer Day

Created By: Aaron Nardi & Huy Doan // Model: Audrey Hewko // Styled by: Rodellee Marie // Make up by: Nadia Renner // Shoot Directed by: Huy doan // Shot & Cut by: Aaron Nardi // Music:Best Coast “Sun Was High”

ESPN: Mike Saavedra

Mike Saavedra profile produced for ESPN. This was shot in conjunction with 3 projects we are working on with Mike that should all come out soon. Check out this first video here


Kevin Porter catches a quick skatepark session during a small window of dry weather on an otherwise cold and wet Chicago Sunday.

SNA created this piece for theBLKLST X Quintin.

Music By: The Temptations

ESPN: Double Feature

Last night ESPN went live with a Stephen Murray video we finished yesterday. Then this morning ESPN posted a Ben Hucke photo gallery we shot a while back.

ESPN is great because it’s always run content, it’s just always a surprise when you see it go live. Stephen’s video actually lead to a much more in depth feature that we are really excited about.

ESPN: Kurt Yaegar Profile

ESPN’s Page 2 is featuring a piece we produced with exceptional athlete/person Kurt Yaeger. It’s was extremely eye opening and inspiring to get a deeper understanding of the hardships and achievements Kurt has faced since loosing his leg. See the full piece at

ESPN: Ben Hucke & Codie Larson in LA

ESPN went live with this piece last week and we didn’t even realize it. Ben & Codie kill it on their bikes, mostly Codie. haha. But there is also some fairly funny commentary going on. Check it out at

ESPN: Double Feature

Kinda of a cool coincidence today; two posts in a row on ESPN’s Action Sports site are pieces we produced and in different mediums. The day started with a gallery of photos of Codie Larson’s trip to LA then a little later a Day in the Life with Kevin Porter video went live.


We produced this news piece on the Agenda Trade Show for ESPN. It was a pretty quick and easy project but was really cool to be able to feature a few long time friends with their contributions to bmx. It also shows some cool collab projects and bikes including Cult/Vans, Subrosa/Rebel 8, Animal/10 Deep, of course SE/Starter. You can see the full piece at